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Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic treatment with chocolate

Advised in case of stress, or being in low spirits, or if you need a small wonder! A treatment affecting the soul, restores the water absorbing capacity and at th esame time refreshing the skin, producing ebdorphin, stress-solvent, distress-diminishing. Softens up the skin on account of it's solute minerals, revitalizing, including phenyl-ethyl-amino, stimulating the sense of delight. Biological effect: increasing the lymph-circulation, detoxifying effect.
Face,neckline: 5000 HUF  Whole body: 13100 HUF

Basic face-cleaning

It's a face-cleaning treatment suitable for all kinds of skin, active ingredients: orange-oil, relaxing vegetal extracts. Treatment of the esthetical defaults of the skin.
8 800 HUF

Water absorbing capacity restoring deep face-treatment

A treatment done with Rehydra product-family. Active ingredients: hydra plus complex and carite butter, advancing the water absorbing capacity of the skin Our skin gets comely.
  9 500 HUF

Energising face-treatment

A treatment done with a product-family including the vitamin C. This product of ours is usable for all kind of skins, where we are refreshing the skin, respectively we are applying the treatment to the mutations of the skin caused by the stress.
9 500 HUF

Regenerative face- and neckline treatment

A treatment done with the De-Lux product-family, with the aim of taking care of the ripe skin and making the skin taut.
12 500 HUF

Lifting treatment of the eye-periphearls

A treatment done with the Actimat eye-treatment packet, including an immediate lifting effect advancing eye-crinkle mask. The eye-periphearls will be more laut after the treatment.
10 300 HUF

Skin-regenerating face-treatment during the winter months

A treatment done with the Rinnovare product-family. The treatment is a crinkle-erasing face-treatment. Ingredients: lacto-bionic acid, glycol acid and retinol, causing an intensive skin-regenerating effect. The use of this treatment is suggested only in the form of a course of treatment.
10 300 HUF

Lifting face-treatment

A Treatment done with the Delay product-family. The active ingredients effect a change of the signs of ageing and we get as a result a renewed smooth skin.
12 700 HUF

Detoxifying body-treatment

A body-treatment done with the No-tox product-family, employing pack and body-butter. We will feel more fit after the detoxifying the body.
10 300 HUF

Weight-diminishing body-treatment with mud-pack

A body-treatment done with the Adip-ex product-family, employing oil-essences with weight-diminishing effect and a mud-pack, with the aim of applying a treatment to the mutations of our skin.
10 300 HUF

Anti-stress treatment for men (cosmetic)

The treatment is fulfilled with duration of 60 minutes using Vagheggi cosmetics. The skin is cleaned up with Rehydra milk-tonic and after that the necrotized epidemic cells are erased from the skin. We get the moisturizing pack for 15 minutes on the skin. We apply a refreshing massage to the face with essenses and with a massage-cream with herb-oil content. At the end of the treatment we ensure the vividness for a whole day with the help of our Extrem day-cream.
60 minutes - 9 800 HUF

Face-, neck- and decollete massage (cosmetic)

The duration of the treatment is 30 minutes. The skin is cleaned up and the necrotized epidemic cells are erased from the skin. Thereafter we fulfill a 30 minutes long cosmetic face-, neck- and de'collete'-massage.
30 minutes - 3 500 HUF

Skin-tightening body-treatment with algae

A body-treatment done with the Lift-up product-family. The died away epithelial cells are eliminated by erasing and the skin of the body will be tightened applying ampoules and algae-pack. Our skin will get tauter.
10 300 HUF

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