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Micro-dermatologic Abrasion


Painless mechanical micro-dermatologic abrasion using ultrasound at the ingestion of the active agents against crinkles, scars, problematic skin as well, as against the marks of pigment.  As a result of the treatment it has an intensifying effect on the growth of the young active cells of the skin, the surface of the skin will be unwrinkled and smooth.


MICRO-DERMATOLOGIC ABRASION for ripe, dry thin skin

The treatment is fulfilled using the Rehydra product-family. As a result of it the skin will be more hydrated and more taut.   

Face-treatment: duration of the treatment 60 minutes 12 500 HUF
Face- and neck-treatment: duration of the treatment 70 minutes 14 900 HUF
Face-, neck- and de'collete'-treatment: duration of the treatment 80 minutes 17 500 HUF


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