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Salt room

The effect of salt therapy

The salt particles sprayed into the salt room's space will have a healing and preventive effect for the following respiratory deseases: asthma, tracheitis, allergy, pollinosis. Salt has an antiphlogistic effect on skin problems, eczema, psoriasis. The illuminated salt crystals' colours will have healing, cell regenerating and stress relieving effect. Thanks to the power of salt crystals hyperactive children will have less or no concentration problems or sleeping disorders.

The sprayed salt will remove impurities out of lungs and respiratory tracts. Due to salt's strong virus and bacteria killing ability face, frontal sinus and accessory nasal sinus will get clean. Pharynx, skin, headskin and hair get also purified. A just 30-40 minute treatment per case in the salt room will be sufficient to improve your mood and immunsystem.

Finnish sauna

Its beneficial effect: doing sauna is a recreation and refreshment which helps preserve our health and exercises a beneficial effect on the body, the spirit and the soul. Some of sauna's health preserving effects as stress relief and the strengthening of the immunsystem, promotion of fine metabolism, protection of skin tautness have already all been proved by scientists. Regular using sauna will open up for you new horizons of zest and quality of life.

Infra sauna

In infracabins infra radiator makes the temperature rise. Consequently, air will become less warm in infracabin yet the body will well warm up. This happens thanks to infrared radiation which gets into the lower layers of skin thus contributing much to detoxification and recovery. With its effect one can reduce the time of recovery from sports injuries, strains and twitches.

Steam cabin

Steam cabin improves health and its use is enjoyable. Thanks to high steam content and the general effects of the humid heat it is recommendable for treatment of a number of health problems and alleviation of diseases as bronchial asthma, bronchitis and catarrhous disease of upper respiratory tracts and cough. Steam bath has benevolent effect on the following problems: dry and fragmented skin, muscular tension.
Steam bath's major advantage is in its very favourable effect made on the skin.
The humid hot stimulates the blood circulation and purifies the skin by way of opening pores and removes dead epidermic cells. Thanks to this skin becomes soft, clean, silky and smooth.

Aroma sauna

Aroma sauna is one based on spraying in aromas and equipped with light therapy exerting thus benevolent and pleasant effect on the respiratory tracts as well as on the skin and the blood circulation. Apart from the 50 degree temperature it is also the 100 % humidity which gently helps relaxation and detoxification which all is complemented with the benevolent effect of different aromatic oils.


It is a gentle solution for those who can not bear the extreme hot of the Finnish sauna or the extreme humidity of the steam cabins. The temperature and humidity of biosauna combined with light therapy and sauna oils has a very high effect of preserving one's health. One will find lower temperatures yet with higher humidity which makes one to spend more time in this sauna in the long run for those who choose this type of relaxation. Its effects exerted on the body are those of the Finnish sauna. Its best advantage is the tranquilizing, stress releiving and reducing and rejuvenating effect combined with light and aroma therapy which helps one find inner harmony. It increases skin tautness, hence it is especially successful in liquidation of cellulite. Enhances organism's resistance and the immunsystem. Relieves stress, appeases and removes fatigue.

Light therapy

Light is a vital element for human beings.

The light therapy lamp plays an important role here during doing sauna. It produces a pleasant atmosphere with its cozy colours for both the body and the soul. It affects our mood, nerves and our organs' function in a positive way.

Different lights have different effects:

  •  The yellow is the sun, the colur of the light.
  • The orange is a transition between yellow and red. It is the colour of happiness and love with Eastern peoples.
  • The red is life and vitality, joy of life.
  • The green is the colour of spring, revival, it is the symbol of optimism, hope and eternal life.
  • The blue is the colour of satisfaction, the sea and the infinite sky.
  • The white is the symbol of purity.

Giant Jacuzzis

It is a worldwide known and popular bath tube based on hydromassage technology which is an up-to-date tool for health preservation and perfect relaxation in the world of wellness.

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