Sauna Seance

Sauna performance

It will reproduce the spirit of fine mood and good condition in the dry and steam sauna. During each sauna performance the sauna master will be present also with the guests and he will gradually heat up the cabin with pouring aromatics on the stove, thereby making sure the guests get properly acclimated. He will stir up the hot air with sauna flag and towel. These performances take place always in prescheduled programs. Each particular program has its own specific charm. First of all it helps a lot in stress relief due to stimulating the production of endorphin hormons.


Citrus refreshing performance

The 100 % citrus aromatic hot air has a beneficial effect on the psyche and is appropriate for prevention of respiratory illnesses.

This program is recommended to be used first of all for warming-up, however its effect is yet more intensive than that of the traditional types of sauna. The popular aromatic sauna improves one's mood and releases stress.


Salty skin peeling as an active skin treatment

During this performance guests will rub the refined sea salt they get from the sauna master into the skin and the body. As a skin peeler sea salt will have a stretching effect. Salt will enhance the activity of the sweet-glands and support the detoxification. The mineral substances and trace elements will easily be absorbed through the loosened pores into the skin. It restores and tightens the skin and reduces the symptoms of cellulite.


Skin softening with honey as a nourishing pampering

After a short pre-sweatening guests will smear skin with nectar dribbled by the sauna master. The liquescent honey will moisturize, nourish and soothes the skin. The result is a refreshed, tender, honey smelling skin pleasant to the touch.


Icy warm up – refreshing the body

It is one of the favourite sauna performances. By melting ice on the stove one can reach an excellent heat in the cabin. Playing with ice cubes one gets there along with getting icy water at the end of the performance on to the neck will be a thrilling feeling.




  - Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  -  16:00
  - 17:00
  - 18:00
  - 18:45


Duration of a performance is 15 minutes and the ticket is 1 000 HUF/performance
(can be used with the daily ticket)

We await our guests, who want to refresh and relax all week!

You can obtain further information over sauna performances at the phone: