Personal training

 Földes Balázs – személyi edzőIn one of the most pleasant fitness halls of the city I look forward to welcoming all my guests.
I guarantee good mood, spinning, and effective training.
Everyone can find the right type of activity for their goals.
Health and prevention are my two main motives in training and diet planning.
There must be a chance for sustainable development, which can only be built on solid foundations.

A little taste of my training repertoire: 

  • fitness training
  • toning for ladies
  • muscle tone enhancing workout
  • indoor, outdoor mixed workout
  • increase muscle mass
  • endurance development
  • running exercises, learning the right running style

The other main elements of the training are: 

  • pulse control
  • stretching
  • prevention
  • strength and endurance tests
  • functional exercises

Everyone can win by doing sports: self-confidence, health and sporty physique.

Balázs Földes - personal trainer